Whole House Plumbing Inspections

We offer whole home inspections of your plumbing, and if buying a new home, you really want to make sure that the work is correct and to code. This could save you larger headaches down the road as well as save you money.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement

We repair all brands. If you’re looking to replace your water heater, call and talk with us, there are many options for today’s homeowner, from tank to tank less. Sometimes a simple cleaning is all that is required, but if you’re ready for a new unit, we can get what’s best for you, and in most cases there is a rebate from your local gas company as well. Commercial or residential.

Gas Pipe Installation and Repair

If it’s adding a new gas line or repairing a leak on an old one, we are always here to help.

Water Line Replacement

If you need a new water service run to your house or a whole house water re-pipe, we can offer many solutions to fit your budget with today’s materials.

Sump Pumps

For repair or replacement, we use only the finest cast iron pumps. If you’re looking for added protection, ask us about a battery back up system for a worry free, dry basement.

Leaking Pipes

If you have leaking waste or water pipes, we can have that leak fixed in no time, don’t let that drip become a larger problem later, early repair is often the key so saving money.

Back Flow Testing

We offer back flow testing on lawn irrigation as well as on all plumbing, we can even help that old back flow pass by either rebuilding it or replacing it. Best of all, we can usually address the problem in an efficient, timely manner.

Water Softeners

We have solutions for hard water, from the traditional salt softeners to the saltless, powerless scale prevent-er we can solve your hard water and limescale issues.

Food Waste Disposals

We install garbage disposals, from multiple hp to quiet models, we have the one for you.

From water heaters, leaks, water softeners, valve repair or total new piping system, we got you covered.


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